EuroCrime is involved in numerous European and international research projects and activities in different fields. EuroCrime publishes ongoing studies and research results in leading scientific journals and presents at international conferences.It cooperates with international institutions, universities and research centres.


EuroCrime offers seminars, customised training courses and workshops on security and prevention to local and state institutions, law enforcement agencies and to private sector businesses. A wide number of training opportunities on EU funding, project planning and management is also available.


EuroCrime offers a wide range of consultations to public and private subjects. Our consultancies are customized and provide advice on security, crime prevention, protection of infrastructures as well as on project planning and management, and EU funding. Our EuroShield section will be happy to support you in your EU and other public funding applications.


EuroCrime has been founded in 2007 as a non-profit independent international research, training and consulting institute, specialized in criminology and security issues. In April 2014, EuroCrime changed its legal status and became a limited company (Ltd. – Italian Srl, Società a Responsabilità Limitata).

EuroCrime’s team is composed by highly qualified professionals in the academic and technical fields of Ethics, privacy and data protection, criminal sciences, forensics, law, psychology, criminology, victimology, geopolitics, forecasting, environmental security, decision-making, intelligence, peacekeeping,  development and international cooperation, including corporate assessment and funding, personalized consultancies and scientific publications. Besides organizing national and international workshops and seminars, and carrying out research and consultancy activities, EuroCrime offers a wide range of training courses for law enforcement agencies, public and private institutions and businesses. The EuroCrime team is involved in numerous European and international research projects and it publishes ongoing studies and research results in leading scientific journals, and presents at international conferences.

The three main areas of interest are:

– Ethics Issues and Privacy and Data Protection: Ethics Issues in research and Innovation activities; GDPR; Cybersecurity; Privacy and Data Protection; Cybercrime and the Dark Web; Minors & the Web; AI; Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.

– Security and Training in the security and crime prevention field. Investigation and research in the following fields: Piracy and Maritime Terrorism; Serial Crimes and Lone Wolves; Problem-solving Crime Analysis; Urban Security and Crime Prevention; Crime, Intelligence and Strategic Risk Mapping; Strategic Analysis and Security Planning; Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism; Protection of Cultural Heritage; Conflict Analysis and Management; Decision-making and DSS; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Burnout Syndrome; Victimology; Bullying.

– EU Project Planning, Management and Training in the field of European Funding. Since 2011, EuroCrime offers to its clients qualified consultancy in the field of European funding, analysing the needs of public/private subjects, choosing the call and building adequate partnerships to realize project ideas. In this context, EuroCrime has also experience in the field of ethics, privacy and data protection and it also organizes customized courses about European funding programs and project proposals writing and management, as well as regarding the GDPR.

Visit our specialised section on European Funding consultancy & support, including the EuroCrime’s Think Tank funded projects and their description:




The EuroCrime Experts

Dr. Silvia Ciotti

Criminologist; Senior Expert on Security Issues. Senior Researcher, Trainer and Consultant. Expert in Project Management, and funded project Evaluator and Reviewer. Expert on Ethics issues and GDPR. Member of the Italian National Association for Data Protection, and of the European and American Societies of Criminology.

Dr. Filippo Balistreri

Senior Researcher, Trainer and Consultant in design and technical-financial management of project proposals for EU and national calls for proposal and tenders, expert in Business Administration, International Cooperation and Non for Profit Sector.