EuroCrime Academy Books


EuroCrime Ltd created a publishing division – EuroCrime Academy Books – to help mainstreaming its research results and activities, and to communicate and disseminate EU funded projects results. EuroCrime Academy Books is also available to researchers and academia for cooperation, and for open access joint publications.

All our publications are available in electronic format.

The EuroCrime Academy Books division includes:

The EuroCrime Working Papers series includes publications regarding ongoing research projects, and projects previously carried out by the Think Tank. Projects results are presented in open access documents, and may also be re-published in peer-reviewed journals. The papers are internally peer-reviewed, and they are aimed both at the research and academia sector and at the public interested in the addressed topics. They are usually published in English.

Through the EuroCrime Academy Books division, EuroCrime researchers & team members are regularly involved in book projects, such as authoring monographs or editing collected volumes.

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