EU Funds Training & Consulting


EuroShield is an EuroCrime’s special division focused on training and consulting services regarding European funds, both at European and at national level (e.g. addressing Structural Funds).

EuroShield’s aim is to support public and private entities in accessing Eurpean funds, from the identification of the more appropriate programmes and calls to the full planning of the project proposal and the project management.EuroShield offers in depth needs assessment services, helping its customers to address the right funding opportunities at a national and international level, and supporting them in all the phases of the funding application.

It provides updated information on research and innovation EU framework programmes, on specific Work Programmes, on calls and application procedures, and offers consulting for the planning of the key phases of a correct proposal application. In brief, our aim is to help and to support business and public institutions to access the EU fundings.

EuroShield’s services are twofold:

Support and Consulting services – EuroShield provides consultancy and support in selecting the most appropriate grants and tenders, and in concretizing the project idea. It provides full  support in following the correct procedures and keeps the customers updated about specific tools, strategies and techniques to adopt in order to submit a winning application.

Training and Capacity Building services – EuroCrime and EuroShield offers specific training & capacity building courses about European funding schemes, programmes, and calls. According to the specific needs of the customers, EuroShield provides focused training courses and workshops on specific topics, requirements and procedures regarding European fundings. Courses and workshops are customised according to the customers’ requests and specific needs, identify also thorugh a specific needs assessment when appropriate. A set of pre-programmed courses is available as well; please, check here for the descriptions – Section A – European Fundings Area.

Owing to their knowledge, professional skills and relevant experience in the field, the members of the EuroShield team are involved as evaluators and reviewers by the European Union in various EU experts panels and rosters, including the European Commission Panel of Ethics Assessors.Moreover, the EuroShield staff fully support EuroCrime in accessing directly EU funds through a number of proposals planning and submission every year, cooperating at the identification of grants to fund the Think Tank’s researches. Here you can find information about some of our funded projects: the ENCLAVE project, the MARGIN project, the PROTASIS project, and the RE-TREAT project.

The team relies on the EuroCrime’s research experience, activities and international partnerships and cooperation to improve and to implement EuroShield’s competences and international professional links, also in order to support its customers in building robust international partnerships and Consortia.


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