EuroCrime Ltd. is specialised in offering different kind of consulting services both to the public and the private sector. Our consulting services range from the criminology and the security sectors to the EU funded project planning and management. All our consulting activities are carefully customised according to the needs and the characteristics of the subject requesting them. An in depth needs assessment is carried out before the drafting of the specific consultancy proposal.

Regarding security, our holistic and innovative criminologial approach, including situational prevention techniques, allows us to offer valuable support regarding e.g.:
– crime mapping, for both urban and non-urban areas, and security planning;
– monitoring and analysis of organized crime activities;
– risk analysis and management;
– support in security planning;
– security of infrastructures, with a special focus on commercial infrastructures (e.g. shopping malls).


EuroCrime Ltd offers specific consultancy services to the business sector, as e.g.:
– support for strategic recruiting;
– monitoring and security planning for work and commercial environments;
– prevention strategies, planning and techniques against theft and shoplifting, including theft of goods and assets from warehouses, offices, shops and points of sale;
– analysis and support about logistics, safe transport of goods at national and international level, customs laws and regulations, security controls and procedures.

Our specialised EuroShield team offers full support, training and consultancy services in the field of European funding programmes, project proposals planning, funded projects management, and Ethics in EU funded projects. You can find full information regarding EuroShield and its activity here.

EuroCrime Ltd offers consulting services and support in all its training sectors. Please, consult the list here.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, to organise a call or to request a needs assessment at

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