The EuroCrime team is involved in numerous European and international research projects.You can find our EU funded projects here.

EuroCrime publishes ongoing studies and research results in leading scientific journals and presents at international conferences.

EuroCrime’s main fields of investigation and research include:

  • Ethics Issues and Privacy and Data Protection: Ethics Issues in Research and Innovation activities; GDPR; Cybersecurity; Privacy and Data Protection; Cybercrime and the Dark Web; Minors & the Web; AI; Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.



  • Security and Training in the security and crime prevention field. Investigation and research in the following fields: Piracy and Maritime Terrorism; Terrorims, with a special focus on Lone Wolf; Problem-solving Crime Analysis; Urban Security and Crime Prevention; Crime, Intelligence and Strategic Risk Mapping; Strategic Analysis and Security Planning; Transnational Organized Crime; Serial Crimes; Protection of Cultural Heritage; Decision-making and DSS; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Burnout Syndrome; Victimology and support to victims of crime, including victims with special needs (i.e. children victims of violence and abuse, victims of sexual crimes); Bullying.


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