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Our Training Offer


“The notice n. 02/16 of Fondoprofessioni gives financial contribution for the participation to training courses inserted in the Training Catalogue, for a total amount of 1.000.000,00 euro. Every professional office/company can participate to more than one training course that is inserted in the Catalogue, obtaining a financial contribution of 70% of the total cost of each course (except VAT) for a maximum total contribution of 1.200,00 euro each.”

Training Courses categorized as Thematic Areas:

A – European Funding Area
A.1. European Funding. The European Programming 2014/2020, the European Funding Programmes and the Structural Funds
A.2. European Projects Design: Design and Full Composition of Projects
A.3. Project Management: Operational and Financial Management of Projects
B Mediation and Multiculturalism Area
B.1. Community Mediation
B.2. Trade Mediation
B.3. Human Rights
B.4. Gender Issues and Ethics Issues
B.5. Multiculturalism: Multi-cultural Perspectives and Immigration
C – Security Area
C.1. Retail Security (shopping malls, department stores, fashion outlets, supermarkets)
C.2. Logistics and Supply chain Security
C.3. Security Planning and Management for Ports, Airports, Railway Stations and Other Logistics Infrastructures
C.4. Security Planning and Management for Critical Infrastructures (e.g. Nuclear and Electric Power Plants, Oil Pipelines)
C.5. Cybersecurity
C.6. Maritime and Border Security
C.7. Fight and Prevention of Maritime Piracy and Terrorism
C.8. Urban Security and Situational Prevention
C.9. Cultural Heritage and Works of Art protection and security
C.10. Environment and Food Security
C.11. Crisis and Risk Assessment and Management, and Disaster Resilience
C.12. Problem Solving Crime Analysis, Investigation Techniques and Forensics
C.13. Criminology, Criminalistics e Victimology


Our training courses will be organized at EuroCrime LdT office (Ettore Petrolini Street, 1, 50137, Florence, Italy) or in other locations in Florence, depending on the number of attendees. Teachers are eventually available to teach in other requested places, upon reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs.

Before the conclusion of each course EuroCrime LtD will grant a certificate of attendance. This can be granted only to students who have at least participated to the 70% of the training course.


Prof. Silvia Ciotti
Criminologist, researcher and trainer on security issues. She is specialized in urban, industrial and company security, maritime, port and airport security. She is lecturer at university and author of many publications in both Italy and abroad and she participated as speaker to many international conferences. She participates to many Boards Of Editors (Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution, Journal of Economics and International Finance, International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology). She teaches Problem Solving Crime Analysis and she is Observer of Facial Expressions (FACS methodology – non verbal communication). Her fields of interest in the last 15 years are the following: terrorism, piracy and maritime terrorism, organized crime, theft and illicit trafficking of cultural goods, protection of cultural heritage, environmental protection.
Since 2006 she is official evaluator and reviewer of European projects for the European Commission and she has reviewed and evaluated hundreds of projects in the context of different funding programmes: for example, Seventh Framework Programme, Horizon 2020 and Sme Instrument.
She currently is CEO of EuroCrime LtD, Senior Researcher, Trainer and Consultant in the field of European Funding for research, innovation and development issues.

Dr. Filippo Balistreri
Since 2005 he professionally works in the fields of elaboration of project proposals, financial and operational management of European projects, monitoring and evaluation of project activities. For eight years he was Project Manager and Desk Officer for Middle East Area for several Italian NGO working in the field of development cooperation in emerging areas.
Since the beginning of 2014 he works in EuroCrime LtD as Senior Researcher and he is in charge of the following tasks: elaboration of analysis on funding opportunities and feasibility studies, writing of project proposals together with the identification of specific partnerships, training in the field of European Funding and Project Design, Consultant for geopolitical studies and initiatives in the middle eastern and Mediterranean Areas.