Our Training Courses

EuroCrime offers a wide range of training course, specifically addressing professional and practitioners in the different fields of interest. Our courses are based on flexible schedules and training programmes, in order to be adapted to the specific needs and requests of the participants. We are availble to organise the course during the week ends, or in a full-immersion fashion to allow the participants to coordinate their training activities with their working needs. Training tools and materials are provided to the participants, organised in small groups in order to be better supported and assisted by our experienced team of trainers.

We are fully available to customise our trainings to meet the needs of the participants and of the organizations and institutions to which they belong. Moreover, besides the already planned courses, EuroCrime is availble to organise training on similar & adjoining topics. Please, contact us for more information or to organise a call at

Some of the courses’ full programmes are already available. Please, click on the course you are interest in for the link.

Training Courses categorized as Thematic Areas:

A – European Funds

A.1. European Funding. The European Programming 2021/2027, the European Funding Programmes and the Structural Funds
A.2. Funded Project Proposals Design & Planning. Design and Full Planning of Project Proposals
A.3. Project Management. Operational and Financial Management of Funded Projects

B – Ethics and Data Protection
B.1. Ethics issues in EU funded project. Fundamental principles, the Ethics Self-Assessment, how to fill the Self-Assessment table, how to address Ethics Requirements
B.2. Privacy and Data Protection. The Reg (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), in theory and in practice. How to comply with the GDPR rules and requirements
B.3. Gender and Ethics Issues
B.4. Ethics in Research and Innovation Activities
B.5. Ethics in Disaster Management
B.6. Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (AI)

C Mediation and Multiculturalism                                                                                                             
C.1. Community Mediation
C.2. Trade Mediation
C.3. Multiculturalism: Multi-cultural Perspectives and Immigration
C.4. Human Rights

D – Security
D.1. Retail Security (shopping malls, department stores, fashion outlets, supermarkets)
D.2. Logistics and Supply chain Security
D.3. Security Planning and Management for Ports, Airports, Railway Stations and Other Logistics Infrastructures
D.4. Security Planning and Management for Critical Infrastructures (e.g. Electric Power Plants, Oil Pipelines)
D.5. Cybersecurity
D.6. Maritime and Border Security
D.7. Fight and Prevention of Maritime Piracy and Terrorism
D.8. Urban Security and Situational Prevention
D.9. Cultural Heritage and Works of Art protection and security
D.10. Environment and Food Security
D.11. Crisis and Risk Assessment and Management, and Disaster Resilience
D.12. Problem Solving Crime Analysis, Investigation Techniques and Forensics
D.13. Criminology, Criminalistics e Victimology


All our courses are offered in Italian and English. Training materials are also available in Italian and English.


All our courses are usually offered on site – at our premises nearby Florence or (upon request) at the premises of the organisation, institution, or company requesting the training.

However, owing to the COVID 19 pandemics situation, actually all our courses are available on line through different platforms and with the support of different virtual training tools. Customised solutions are available upon request.

As soon as the situation will allow, we will be fully available for the on site training option again. However, we will keep for all our training courses the remote and on line option available also in the future.


At the end of each training course, EuroCrime will release to the participants a certificate of attendance. The certificate will be assigned only to participants who have  attended at least the 70% of the training course.

Credits assignement can be organised and granted on a case by case basis, upon previous agreements with the organisation/institution requiring the training.


Other expert trainers from the EuroCrime team may be involved on a case by case basis if appropriate in relation tothe training topics, providing their CVs to the participants beforehand.

Dr. Silvia Ciotti

Criminologist, and Senior researcher,  trainer, and consultant on security issues. Dr. Ciotti is lecturer of Ethics in Disaster Management at the International Master DAMAGE at the Ecole des Mines d’Ales, France. She is author to many peer reviewed international scientific publications, and participated as key speaker to many international conferences and seminars. She is member of the European and American Societies of Criminology, of the Italian National Association for Data Protection, and of the Italian Association of European Project Managers. She is expert on FACS methodology – non verbal communication. Her main fields  of interest, in which she has more than 20 years of experience, are the following: Ethics Issues in research and Innovation activities; GDPR, Privacy and Data Protection; Cybersecurity; Cybercrime and the Dark Web; Minors & the Web; AI; Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems; Piracy and Maritime Terrorism; Serial Crimes and Lone Wolves; Problem-solving Crime Analysis; Urban Security and Crime Prevention; Crime, Intelligence and Strategic Risk Mapping; Strategic Analysis and Security Planning; Transnational Organized Crime and Terrorism; Protection of Cultural Heritage; Conflict Analysis and Management; Decision-making and DSS; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Burnout Syndrome; Victimology; Bullying.

Since 2006, she is Evaluator and Reviewer of European proposals and funded projects for the European Commission, and she has reviewed and evaluated hundreds of projects in the context of different funding programmes, as the Seventh Framework Programme, Horizon 2020,  Fast Track to Innovation, European Research Council grants and programmes. She is also Evaluator for research proposals and grant requests for the Irish Research Council. Actually, she is also Ethics Assessor and Reviewer for different funding programmes of the European Union.
Dr. Ciotti is currently CEO of EuroCrime, and Senior Researcher, Trainer and Consultant in the fields of security and European Funding for research, innovation and development issues.

Dr. Filippo Balistreri

Since 2005, Dr. Balistreri works professionally in the fields of design of project proposals, financial and technical management of European and national projects, monitoring and evaluation of project activities. For 8 years he has been Project Manager and Country Representative for several areas in the Middle East for a number of Italian NGOs working in the field of development cooperation in emerging areas. He works as business consultant and provides technical assistance to the Tenders and Projects Offices of several Non for profit agencies. Since 2014, Dr. Balistreri works in EuroCrime as Senior Researcher and he is in charge of the following tasks: elaboration of analysis on funding opportunities and feasibility studies, research and design of project proposals including identification of international partnerships, training in the field of accessing European and national funding, consultancy for geopolitical studies and initiatives in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Areas.